Winning a new client

How to get new clients to contact you first

Unless you score off the Richter scale when it comes to extroversion, you’re probably not going to enjoy cold calling. So how do you get potential new clients to contact you first?

The importance of pre-qualifying new clients

One of the most obvious ways to gain new clients without having to go looking – and one traditionally favoured by financial advisers – is referral marketing. But even referral marketing has its limits.

How many times have you had an initial meeting with a referred potential client where they’re not aware of what you really do, let alone the value you can bring to them?

An easy way to position yourself properly is by producing regular quality content – via a blog, eNewsletter or social media. Done well, this can show off the range of your services and let clients know the number of ways you can help. That way, when they come to you for financial advice, they’re already at least partially aware of what they want and much more likely to engage your services.

Clients value regular communication

But good content has an important role in nurturing existing clients too. After all, it offers a prompter for clients to contact you again and provides evidence of the ongoing value you bring to the relationship.

That’s important when you consider that clients value regular communication from their financial adviser more than even the performance of the investments your recommend.

The hardest thing, of course, is finding the time to do it – let alone finding the hours it would take to do it regularly, consistently and well.

That’s where Adviser Updates comes in…

Adviser Updates automatically puts your expertise in front of existing and potential clients, through automated social media and blog posting, as well as segmented monthly eNewsletters.

There’s no need to give up time you could be working with clients to write content, no need to master every social media platform and no need to mess about loading content into eNewsletter templates.

Adviser Updates takes care of everything, from giving you access the very best content that’s tailored for your clients through to distributing it via social media, eNewsletters and even positing it directly on your website.

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