Why choose Adviser Updates

Adviser Updates lets all financial advisers access the best quality content and the latest marketing practices, no matter how big or small their marketing budget might be. That’s because it uses the same technology and the same digital marketing techniques that the biggest players use – at a fraction of the cost.

And that’s just the beginning. Here’s some other reasons to start marketing with Adviser Updates.

  • Save time. You’ll be able to spend your time adding value to your business and your clients, knowing that your marketing is taken care of.
  • Save money. It takes as little as a few hundred dollars a month to know that you’re doing everything you can to engage your clients and attract new ones.
  • Build trust. Adviser Updates keeps you in constant contact with all your clients, providing them with relevant content that shows you understand their needs.
  • Cultivate leads. Give existing and potential clients a reason to keep contacting you and know that they’re coming into the conversation with some understanding of what they want and how you can help.
  • Get the best content. All our content is signed off by an editorial board of journalists, editors, advisers and marketers who’ve worked for leading names in their fields.
  • Tailor content for your client base. Cut through distraction and keep your audience engaged with content specifically tailored to their interests and no one else’s. Depending on your plan, you can segment your list and mail up to five different eNewsletters.
  • Convert readers into clients. It’s easy to stay on top of who’s engaged and who you need to follow up with. We give you detailed analytics that show you who’s reading what, so you know what people are interested in and who to follow up with.
  • Easy to use. There’s no marketing experience and no tech ability needed.  In fact, we say it’s so simple to use that if you can turn on a computer, you can use Adviser Updates. (And even if you can’t, we can set it up for you.)

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